How Liberty Depriest Got Her Position at Space Rat

“I was able to expand my network and get a position at Space Rat. They were able to
bring me on as their 3D artist. That has taught me more about traditional work.”

Liberty’s Results

  • Has a new position as a 3D artist
  • Did not have to attend college
  • Received personalized advice
  • Has a support network
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How GameDevHQ helped Liberty secure an entry level position with a game developer

  • In depth lessons
  • A well structured curriculum
  • A focus on practical skills
  • Real industry experience

What were your biggest challenges before GameDevHQ?

I did not have any other career before I started my current position. During the pandemic, I jumped right into self-teaching myself how to code and use Unity. 

I started off doing Udemy courses, and that is where I found the C# Survival Guide. My dad recommended this program from his own experience in the video game industry. 

We were deciding on whether I should go to college or if I should take online courses. The most sustainable option was to take this course, and it has proven to be really useful so far. 

What results did you see after signing up with GameDevHQ?

Since starting the course I have begun working with Space Rat Studios. I began working for them at the beginning of this year. 

There was a pause in development over the summer, and it was in the fall that they asked me to take part in this new project. 

Now they are asking me to help move their game from the gray box stage into actually putting in 3D assets and making it look nicer for investors. 

I am going in and doing my own modeling on the side and putting assets in the game. I have almost been working as their art director. I just do so many different things in Unity!

What is unique about GameDevHQ’s support system?

The support from the GameDevHQ team itself is really cool. The fact that there are coaches and a whole Discord available when I have a problem is a game changer.

I can just ask someone real quick instead of having to go through a whole process of searching for an answer. Sometimes something catastrophic happens, I have really good coaches to help me through the problem.

What makes GameDevHQ better than free resources?

When I was still studying, I was my own teacher and I was limited by my existing knowledge. I did not really know what I was doing wrong. 

With the help of the GameDevHQ coaches who could give a second opinion, and their professional input, I can see things that I would not have seen before. 

Just the fact that there are other people there to help you is really nice. That is something that is harder to get if you are self teaching using free resources.

Is GameDevHQ worth the investment?

I do believe that GameDevHQ is worth it. Compared to the experience of going to a bigger college or university it is much more accessible. Attending a big university can be really intimidating for a lot of people. 

Finding programs like GameDevHQ that can supplement your own research, and having the guidance of professional coaches really does help. It gives you more opportunities to grow. 

I am thankful that I get to be here at home and learn everything on the go, while I have the help of friends and coaches as support.

Who would you recommend GameDevHQ to?

There is art and then there is the role of being a technical artist. As a software engineer, you could do everything, but if someone wants to specifically go into coding for game development, then I would recommend these courses.

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