Playing to Win: Jordan Evans’ Journey from Retail to a Game Development Career

jordan evans game developer career

“I am in an industry that I have more of a passion for. I have been enjoying sitting here, playing games, and doing what I love to do all the time. I work from home and I never want to stop, because I want to keep playing!”

Jordan’s Results

  • Transitioned into a career as a developer
  • A better understanding of Unity
  • Has built a network of fellow developers
  • Has more confidence
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How GameDevHQ helped Jordan break into a game development career

  • Career guidance
  • Help building an online presence
  • Highly practical learning activities
  • Expert course tutors

What were your biggest challenges before GameDevHQ?

I used to work in a grocery store. I was an assistant manager in the grocery department. Right now I’m working for PTW, which is a quality assurance company for video games. 

I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for a career. Working in grocery stores was good, and moving up would have been all right, but in the long term I could have done better than that. I did try going through college for accounting, and it just wasn’t my type of thing.

What results did you see after signing up with GameDevHQ?

GameDevHQ has allowed me to get a foothold into the gaming industry that I want to be a part of as a programmer. I have had a couple interviews here and there. 

There have been some internal postings that I have applied to, and the good thing with PTW is they have a lot of opportunities internally to move into other companies.

Being in Montreal, we have a huge market for that game development that I could step into further. I started GameDevHQ in May of 2021, and I got my position with PTW in December.

What is unique about GameDevHQ’s support system?

GameDevHQ has a support system where you can message on the Discord for help from any of the teachers or any other person that has gone through the course. 

It allows you to get the support you need, or to also answer questions related to problems you know how to fix. This gives you the ability to retain some extra knowledge for yourself, rather than just reading a book and spitting out facts. 

What makes GameDevHQ different from free resources?

This really wasn’t something that I thought about before. I got the first little tutorial that I had through the Humble Bundle, and then dove deeper into it.

Based on this, GameDevHQ seemed like a much better opportunity, because there is a big community of people to help you with learning. 

They want you to succeed in what you are planning to do. You get the material and the support to grow as a developer through asking questions.

Was the Professional Unity Developer Program worth the investment?

GameDevHQ, and the Professional Unity Developer Program was definitely worth the investment when you compare the cost of it to university, and taking years of time to do it. There’s no match between the two of them.

Who would you recommend GameDevHQ to?

I would highly recommend taking the GameDevHQ course for anybody looking to learn how to code with Unity, and use the Unity program itself. 

It is a great tool to get that knowledge, and it has a great community to help you keep that knowledge, learn more, and advance your career.

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