Joshua Villarreal: Develop Confidence as a New Developer

“My biggest win from GameDevHQ has to be the small little foundational lessons. I feel tremendously more confident now, and I have the ability to figure out problems faster and easier.”

Joshua’s Results

  • More confidence when using Unity
  • Techniques for troubleshooting
  • A firmer grasp of the fundamentals of Unity Game Engine
  • A new and exciting job
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How GameDevHQ helped Joshua gain a fundamental understanding of Unity

  • Supportive course tutors
  • Learn at your own pace
  • A large library of resources and support materials
  • Access to an active and helpful community of learners

What were your biggest challenges before GameDevHQ?

I am a Unity programmer for the government. I joined GameDevHQ to improve my skill set and see how much further I could develop my career. 

I was a freelance worker with a small role at a government company, but it was all entry level. When I first saw GameDevHQ, I saw it as an opportunity to grow and improve my career. Something I saw just pulled me into it.

What results did you see after signing up with GameDevHQ?

The most amazing thing about the program is how it starts out with fundamentals. I thought I knew them all, but I was completely wrong about that! 

The way Jonathan describes the fundamentals helps you understand what to do, but also how to troubleshoot if you encounter issues along the way.

Going through that process actually made the smaller things that I never quite grasped in the fundamentals of Unity just click. Three to six months later, I got my first actual job offer and I was immediately wowed by it!

What is unique about GameDevHQ’s support system?

Whenever I need help with something, I can go into our Discord and post a question. Any of the students or tutors can pitch in with how they have solved that issue in the past.

GameDevHQ is not just programming. They also help you with your LinkedIn profile, and your resume. They go through your Linkedin profile and help you be more appealing to potential employers.

Within the first couple weeks of the program and updating my resume, I noticed a massive shift. It was like night and day.

What makes GameDevHQ better than free resources?

With GameDevHQ, you do not just get instructions on how to make a specific thing. They constantly build on your skills and prompt you to explore the software and your capabilities more.

It is enough of a challenge that you can go back to the material and figure it out without being completely overwhelmed. The way they show you how to break things down is the most important part.

Is GameDevHQ worth the investment?

GameDevHQ is definitely worth it! You can complete work at your own pace. If you are having a busy week you can do a bit less than normal and you can just catch up later.

This course pays back real dividends. The knowledge you gain from it can be applied to almost any topic.

Would you recommend GameDevHQ?

GameDevHQ has something to offer for pretty much anybody. If you want to hone your skill set, or learn more about the Unity engine, it has it all. I cannot recommend it enough!

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