GameDevHQ Customer Success Story: Ethan Martin

“My biggest win with GameDevHQ is that they taught me how to put myself out there
so other people knew I had the skills I already knew I had.”


Ethan’s Results

  • Moved from IT to software engineering
  • Gained skills that are attractive to employers
  • Learned new skills of networking
  • Engaged in a supportive community
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How GameDevHQ helped Ethan begin his career in software engineering

  • A course lead assigned to every student
  • Self-paced and live lessons
  • Tutorials focused on job specific skills
  • Access to a community of fellow developers

What were your biggest challenges before GameDevHQ?

I used to work in IT, but now I am moving into software engineering, specifically in the VR space. 

I am 21 and married. At the time I was looking for a new job I had my third kid on the way, she is here now, and I am a homeowner. With all that, college just wasn’t the best option for me. 

Self-study was good and is what I was doing for about eight months, but I wanted more structure and I wanted to know what developers actually do, and what employers are looking for. 

What results did you see after signing up with GameDevHQ?

The GameDevHQ courses were really awesome. They taught me so much and gave me a community of people that I could ask for help and offer help to.

My skill set was also revolutionized by the way they taught me how to network. I still consider myself one of the worst people in our school when it comes to networking, but they pushed me and taught me how to do it.

If I didn’t network I would not have this new exciting job, because I got it by reaching out to someone about a job that had not been posted yet.

What is unique about GameDevHQ’s support system?

I had great conversations with other people on the course and learned so much. Through my networking I made it not just about getting a job but about learning from other people. 

What stood out to me was that the GameDevHQ team were always willing to help. When I messaged my assigned coach, he would always get back to me extremely fast. 

I also messaged the CEO multiple times. I didn’t even know if I was allowed to do that, but he messaged me back every time with enthusiasm and we just talked. I could ask questions and it was amazing. 

One of the biggest things I saw in Jonathan, the CEO, is that he really cares about helping people get into the industry and that is what he did for me. 

What makes GameDevHQ better than free resources?

What made GameDevHQ so valuable was the focus on building skills that employers really want you to know. First of all you need to learn how to learn. That is the biggest thing. 

Jonathan emphasizes that in so many of his videos. He will hit you with a problem that uses a skill you have, but in a new variant which you need to figure out for yourself. 

He gives you some time to figure it out, and is available to help you, but the aim is for you to use problem solving techniques.

Who would you recommend GameDevHQ to?

If you want a community, streamlined information on what employers are looking for, and help with how to network all in one, I would one hundred percent recommend GameDevHQ.

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