GameDevHQ Customer Success Story: Brian Perry

“What I learned with GameDevHQ really helped on LinkedIn, and that got the attention I needed to get me to the level I needed to get to.”


Brian’s Results

  • Developed job specific skills
  • Combined his knowledge from university with industry experience
  • Feels challenged and supported
  • Gained the attention of recruiters
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How GameDevHQ helped Brian gain job specific skills and get a graduate position

  • Help and support from course leaders
  • Helpful video tutorials
  • Support building a portfolio
  • A community of learners

What were your biggest challenges before GameDevHQ?

I am a software engineer at L3Harris. I was between jobs, and I was trying to find a way to improve my skills.

I have my bachelor’s degree, and my master’s degree is in game development, but I have not been able to get into it. The challenge was that I needed to improve my job specific skills to appeal to employers.

What results did you see after signing up with GameDevHQ?

The coaching and tutorials are amazing. The coaching is part of the motivation. There was a little bit of built-in motivation, but the way the lessons are set up and the community of people I was around encouraged me. 

I actually got a job before I even graduated. I did not even finish the first part of the program before I got hired.

What is unique about GameDevHQ’s support system?

It was really helpful to have a community of people that were there to help you. I used a lot of the other student pages. It either inspired me, or helped me to understand what to do. 

Just having the community is worth the price. Having other people to help you who are working toward the same goals and encouraging each other is amazing. Just to be in the community of people was really helpful.

What makes GameDevHQ better than free resources?

GameDevHQ teaches you the way you learn at work. They expect you to be able to look stuff up on your own, and get your job done.

They give you the resources and community that can help you problem solve on your own and be effective at work.

Was the Professional Unity Developer Program worth the investment?

The Professional Unity Developer Program is definitely worth it. I think it is worth it, because it got me the attention that I needed to get a job. 

Recruiters still call me. I have to put a call blocker on my phone because there are just too many people calling me!

Who would you recommend GameDevHQ to?

Anybody who is serious about breaking into the industry would benefit from GameDevHQ. There are people from all different professions on the course. 

All you have to do is start making games, and GameDevHQ can help you with that. Anybody who is serious can do it if they are willing to work and put in the time.

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