GameDevHQ Customer Success Story: Austin Mackrell

“Within two months I landed a couple of job interviews and got accepted to two different
companies for a pretty solid software engineering job in the VR space. I feel like this course
definitely prepared me for breaking into the industry and I would not be here without GameDevHQ.”


Austin’s Results

  • Built a portfolio of work
  • Better understands underlying principles
  • Optimized his LinkedIn profile
  • Broke into the gaming industry
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How GameDevHQ helped Austin build a portfolio and find a job in software engineering

  • Access to a helpful community of learners
  • Easy access to course instructors
  • Proven strategies for attracting the interest of recruiters
  • Courses that give you skills that are useful in the real world

What were your biggest challenges before GameDevHQ?

I was a bartender. But for the last five years, I have been a software engineer at Forever Games. 

I wanted to build a small little game for myself. It was something I was always tinkering with on the side but I never really took it seriously. 

I figured that game development was something I wanted to do down the line, but I never really had a clear path to it.

What results did you see after signing up with GameDevHQ?

My biggest win with GameDevHQ would be landing a job just a couple months after completing the program. I think it elevated my problem-solving and programming. 

I was able to learn the right way to do things, which is definitely a huge boon when it comes to game development in general.

What is unique about GameDevHQ’s support system?

Myself, Dan, and another guy that worked there actually pulled a lot of data from LinkedIn. We made all these charts and graphs to see what recruiters were looking for in profiles and what led to engagement or reach outs.

We were able to optimize profiles for recruiters and make them more on-trend, which will lead to more views and reach outs.

We were able to understand what makes more attractive and professional profiles rather than those simple and lazy ones you see out there.

What makes GameDevHQ better than free resources?

I think the main selling point at GameDevHQ is that there is a whole community behind it. There are technical coaches you can talk to if you are running into an error that you can’t figure out.

You can also hop on the Discord for the group and within seconds you can get an answer. On there you have ten guys that have already done it who can walk you through it. 

If it is a bigger problem, the leads can jump in there and work you through it. Not just do it for you, but tell you why it is not working or find a better way to approach it. 

That sense of community and having someone there to help move you along instead of being stuck in a rut for a day or two is the real value of GameDevHQ.

Was the Professional Unity Developer Program worth the investment?

This course gives you hands-on experience which is invaluable and definitely worth the investment. 

By the end of the Professional Unity Developer program you will have four or five different games that you can put into a portfolio. It is a huge step ahead compared to just having a degree. 

You can get a degree for game development, but it is definitely not necessary. Being in the industry now, a lot of guys I talk to do not have a college degree. 

I think this course is best for those who have been trying to break into game development for a while and just keep getting stuck in a rut.

Would you recommend GameDevHQ?

I would recommend GameDevHQ if you want a structured program that will keep you accountable and engaged all the way to the end.

One of the coaches is connecting with you every week making sure you hit your deadlines and are moving forward. If you need that kind of motivation to keep on track, then GameDevHQ is the place to get it.

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